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Bengali Pop Rock Band

Paridhi is a multilingual Kolkata band that uses music to create magic. The band, which formed in 2012, has a distinct sound that blends folk, semi-classical, and fusion genres. Eminent artists like as Kalikaprasad Bhattacharya, Lopamudra Mitra, Joy Sarkar, and others have praised and supported Paridhi. The band has played at a number of notable events and locations around the nation, including the Bangla Sangeet Mela, IIM Joka, Presidency University, and others. Paridhi is a vibrant and enthusiastic band that tailors each performance to the needs of the client and the audience. Paridhi is a band that will make your event unforgettable with their fascinating music and enthusiasm.

Paridhi Paridhi is a multifaceted band and entertainer who has given outstanding performances at various events and shows.
Here are some highlights of his past events

Paridhi sang on the Sun Bangla channel as part of the ‘Moner Utshob, Praaner Utshob’ program. The band performed a song called ‘Zara Haule Chaalo Morey Sajna

Paridhi Live Performed at sun Bangla


live 1.jpg

Paridhi performed at the Bangla Sangeet Mela (Bengali Music Festival), which was widely praised for its musical value and captivating songs.

PARIDHI - live at Bangla Sangeet Mela

live 2.jpg

Paridhi Band recently wowed the crowd with an enthralling live performance. They created with their energising theatrical presence and exceptional musical skills.

Paridhi live performance


live 3.jpg

Why Do People know Paridhi?

Paridhi is a gifted and experienced band and artist noted for their vivacious on-stage presence and appealing personality. With over a decade of experience in the entertainment sector, they have performed a broad range of concerts and events in genres such as folk, semi-classical, and fusion. Paridhi's innate charisma and ability to connect with their audience have established them as a well-known name in the business, with a track record of successful partnerships with leading companies and media sites. Paridhi is dedicated to producing excellent outcomes and surpassing customer expectations as a professional with a passion for excellence and devotion to their art.


What Mainstream Media Talks About Paridhi ?

Paridhi is a well-known band, performer, and entertainer with over a decade of experience in the field. Paridhi is a popular option for corporate events, weddings, private parties, and more because of their energetic stage presence and ability to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. They are a crowd favourite due to their adaptive performing style and contagious enthusiasm. Paridhi is known for their professionalism, timeliness, and passion to their trade. They collaborate closely with event planners and organisers to tailor each performance to the demands of the client, guaranteeing the event's success for all parties involved.

Red Indies Debut with Paridhi from Kolkata.

Paridhi, a multilingual Kolkata band that merges folk, semi-classical, and fusion genres, speaks with Red FM's RJ Praveen about their debut on Red Indies, a platform for independent musicians. The band also discusses their artistic path, future record, and love of music, folk culture, and social issues. 

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