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Tanmoy Bose
Tabla Maestro

Tanmoy Bose is a well-known percussionist, tabla musician, and composer with over three decades of musical expertise. Tanmoy is a popular option for classical, fusion, and symphonic projects due to his virtuosity, romanticism, and sense of balance in his playing. His adaptable performing style and contagious charisma make him a fan favourite. Tanmoy is known for his expertise, originality, and passion to his job. To create enchantment with his music, he collaborates closely with great musicians such as Pandit Ravi Shankar and Amjad Ali Khan. He also founded Taal Tantra, a musical ensemble that investigates and redefines folk, semi-classical, and fusion genres.

Tanmoy Bose is a multidimensional musician and composer who has performed at several events and festivals.

Here are some highlights of his past events

Tanmoy Bose's outstanding performance at the Kolkata Literature Festival captivated the crowd. His presence on stage, as a renowned tabla musician and composer, lent a touch of enchantment to the occasion.

Live Performed at Kolkata Literature Festival

live 1.webp

Tanmoy Bose's performance at the Swar Samrat Festival confirmed his position as a musical genius. His creativity, technical mastery, and profound musical interpretations are unparalleled.

Tanmoy Bose live Performed at SSF

live 3.jpg

Live Concert At NRK Radio Concert Hall

Tanmoy Bose recently charmed fans at the NRK Radio show Hall with his mesmerising live show. The ambience of the location increased the immersive experience.

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Why Do People know Tanmoy Bose?

Tanmoy Bose is a skilled and versatile drummer and composer noted for his creative flare and expressive approach. With over three decades of music business expertise, he has played in a wide range of genres and projects, including classical, fusion, and symphonic. Tanmoy's innate skill and ability to conjure up magic with his music have earned him a well-deserved reputation in the business, with a track record of successful collaborations with iconic musicians and prominent institutions. Tanmoy is dedicated to providing exceptional performances and exceeding audience expectations as a professional with a love for creativity and devotion to his work.


What Mainstream Media Talks About Tanmoy Bose ?

Tanmoy Bose is a Tabla Maestro and composer who has been writing and performing music for more than three decades. Tanmoy is a sought-after performer for concerts, festivals, seminars, and other events due to his mastery on the tabla and his blending of diverse genres and rhythms. His unique musical approach and fascinating stage presence make him a joy to watch and listen to. Tanmoy has a reputation for competence, dependability, and dedication to his craft. He works together with event organisers and guest artists to tailor each performance to the occasion, assuring audience happiness and event success.

The Quint: IPL Anchor Samir Kochhar on Sidhu’s Shairs & Break-Time Chaos

Tanmoy Bose, a prominent tabla player and composer, spoke openly to TV9 Bangla, a Bengali news station, about the hardships he encountered as a fledgling musician. He emphasised the effort and devotion necessary to master his art, emphasising the importance of achievement.

Sona Kotha Kotha Shona: Pandit Tanmoy Bose & Smt.Bonnya Bose With Roopsha

Pandit Tanmoy Bose and Smt. Bonnya Bose share their journey of life in a soulful adda session with Roopsha, in this special episode of Sona Kotha Kotha Shone presented by Senco Gold & Diamonds. Hear them as they fondly remember the classrooms of South Point, and beyond

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